Lying and Cheating

The topic of lying and cheating in a relationship comes up all the time. From browsing relationship forums, to having a chat with your friends, somebody always seems to have been cheating or cheated on. A huge cause of fights between couples seems to stem from trust issues related to lying and cheating on one another. When two partners trust each other blindly, you can expect their relationship to prosper. Violating your partner’s trust even once, though, can be the downfall of a relationship.

It’s important that both parties in a relationship have an open avenue of communication. It’s normal to sit down with each other and talk about your day or week. When doing this, no detail is too small. As we all know, lying to your partner is more than just telling your partner an incorrect statement of fact. There’s subtlety and nuance in the way that a person lies that may not be obvious to everyone. This begs the question…

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Why We Never Split Things 50/50

As our relationship has gotten more and more serious, we’ve had more unsolicited advice. Everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion on how we do things. Lately, a lot of this advice has been about how to split up our finances or household chores and make sure everything is “fair”.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do


A few of our close friends have gone through some pretty unpleasant break ups lately, and they all seemed to have some similar issues. So, here are some quick do’s and don’t’s to make breaking up a little easier.


do it over text message. One of my work friends was broken up with by her boyfriend of over a year via text message. It was a pretty low blow. If you were willing to have a relationship with someone, the least you can do is break up with them face to face.


be 100% honest with them. If you don’t want to be with that person anymore, just tell them in as straightforward a way as possible. It doesn’t need to be mean or harsh, but leaving them with a sense of false hope at the end isn’t any nicer.

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